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How To Create A Blog

How to create a blog? A question, Well, you’re in the right spot.Creating a blog is not complicated at all, Fortunately, in 2018, creating a blog is simpler than ever. & You can also make money online from your own blog.

A blog is just a knowledge/information shared through the internet. However, the reference of knowledge could be multidirectional. It can be someone’s theory, idea, plan, knowledge, expertise, passion, skills or crafts.

Simple Steps to Starting a Blog:

  1. Select first a blogging platform
  2. Choose your domain name
  3. Setup web hosting
  4. Setup blogging website & Start a blog
  5. Set blogging theme design
  6. Create a Blog Post
  7. Get Traffic and Monetize Your Blog

1. Select first a blogging platform

When you start to create your blog, there are various platforms to pick from (WordPress, Tumblr, blogger etc…).


I Prefer and suggest you choose WordPress because almost 85 to 92% of bloggers pick this platform for blog creation, well this blogging site is also created in WordPress.

Why People Use & Recommend WordPress For BLOG?

  • It is absolutely FREE (just you need web hosting & domain name)
  • WordPress gives you 5,000+ available WordPress themes to make your blog design looks class.
  • WordPress has a super helpful support forum.

Click here to open WordPress site.

2. Choose your domain name

Firstly you have to find available SEO related or your branding related domain name. You can also try Panabee to choose easily your mastermind domain name.

Once you find a domain, yourself require to pony up the money and buy it. Bluehost/GoDaddy/HostGator is seemingly the most well-known site to buy domain names.

Please DON’T BUY A DOMAIN NAME Yet, Show 3rd Step to get one domain FREE.

3. Setup web hosting

Simply any website, blog or a web-application needs a web space to put code/programme run on the internet., that web space we simply called as a web hosting.


When you start to select a web hosting for your blog, there are various hosting sites there to choose from several different sites, but we still strongly recommend you to choose BlueHost, WordPress also Suggest Bluehost for web hosting.

Check below hosting plan and get the first one for beginners in the blog, and they also give you a free domain name in the package so you do not need to pay extra bucks for choosing your blog domain.


Sign up with the basic plan and go ahead with the step 4.

4. Setup blogging website & Start a blog

After buying a web hosting plan you have to open c-panel and click on WordPress Installation Bluehost will create your blog after following some easy steps.


Simple Steps For Wordpess Installation in C-panel

  • Set a Domain name.
  • Set Site Name & Site Description
  • Set Admin Username, Password & Email
  • Choose Language & Install WordPress

Congratulations!! You are a blog owner.

If you do not use a direct option of WordPress installation in c-panel so you can also do it manually by this simple steps:

WordPress Setup Manually in C-panel
WordPress Setup Manually in C-panel

WordPress Setup Manually in C-panel :
Follow Steps :

  1. Download WordPress Code From Here
  2. Open C-Panel & Open Domain Located Folder
  3. Upload This Downloaded Code & Unzip File
  4. Go to C-Panel Dashboard & Open Database Setup
  5. Set Database Name, Username, Password
  6. Link – Database to Domain Name
  7. Run Your Domain Name in Browser
  8. Setup Your Site Name & Site Description
  9. Set Admin Username, Password & Email
  10. Choose Language & Install WordPress

That’s It.
Congratulations!! Now You are a blog owner.
Now Check Step 5 to design your blog as per the content of your blogging site.

5. Set blogging theme design


After setup, Just WordPress, Open Your Admin Panel And Follow Below Steps.
Simple Steps For WordPress Theme Changes:

  • Open Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Find “Appearance” in Side Menu & Click on “Themes”
  • Click on Add New
  • Search Your Content Related Theme Designs
  • Install Theme & Activate It.

Click Here to find direct free WordPress theme designs and premium WordPress theme designs.

6. Create a Blog Post

Simple Steps For Post Wordpess Blog:

  • Open Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Find “Post” in Side Menu & Click on “Add New”
  • Set a Blog Title
  • Describe Your Blog – Description Box (You can use formatter tools to looks beautiful)
  • Set featured image if you need
  • Set Categories & Tags
  • Click “Publish” to Blog Post Done!

7. Get Traffic and Monetize Your Blog

You should have to conclude out the topics that your blog will concentrate on. After, grow up with some ideas for different posts. Do these posts a mix of instructive and interesting.

Here are few tips for building strong blog content that your viewers will love:

  1. Build a browsing practice, so you can internalize whereby excellent authors write.
  2. Gain your content scannable with titles, crisp sections, and high-quality pictures.
  3. Draft content that supports your readers answers a query.
  4. Watch this plan to enhance a better blog author in single month days. – Apply this formula to build powerful captions (if your captions aren’t compelling, people won’t see the content of your blog).

Use Seo Plugins (like SEO Yeost, etc…) to get effective blog content, and share your blog with social media so that will help to easily reach to more peoples.

Use Google Webmaster & Google Analytics with Tracking your Website Visitors.

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