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How To Make Money From YouTube

By using YouTube you can earn money via video making, It’s a just kind of social media video site and it’s free for visitors.

It’s Just Simple Method – Make a Quality Video, & If People likes your video then automatically your video views increase and your video becomes famous, then ads will help you to make money from YouTube.

If you want to start making money from youtube It’s a journey on YouTube, do not see it as a monetizing platform, preferably, view it as an impetus to further your income origin. Just focus on quality video making & proper publishing.

Basically, YouTube will place ads nearby your videos and help you to make money. To earn money you have to become a Youtube Partner & for continuous viewers on your YouTube channel, you must upload high-quality videos with the use of rich content.

How to publish your video on YouTube for Money:

Step 1: Simply Create Your Account on Google with Gmail.
Step 2: Login on Youtube, with Gmail Account.
Step 3: Just Upload Your Video.
Step 4: Don’t Forget to use a proper Video Title & Keywords.
Step 5: Publish Your Video & Share it on your other social media to make your video popular.
Step 6: Enable monetization in the Video Manager
Step 7: Set up Google AdSense.
Step 8: Become a YouTube partner.

Here are some ways on how to make money on YouTube:


You just have to create short videos for increasing your website/blog traffic and products selling. Making so, your business will be shown to a large group of internet viewers that are finding for topics nearby or linked to the keywords you do in the name of your videos.

That will not only improve your traffic but also encourage viewers to your website and that is really wonderful.

Click here to learn how to create a blog.


Tutorials are a large amount of on YouTube. If you recognize how to do that then, you can teach others, and you too make money from your Youtube videos. Currently, Beauty, Technology, and fashion videos are insanely popular, If you have an excellent & mouthwatering food making skill then you must try, Just set your channel and upload videos on Youtube related to your topics.


You Love stories? YouTube allows you to perform your own Web TV shows. You’re bounded only by your creativity & your budget. You can make a funny series, a comedy series, or your own gossip show. To upload more than 15 minutes longer videos, you’ll need to raise your limit. If you are not going to succeed in film industries then you should have to try to create Web Series You never know. If you get numbers of views, you may begin a new career via YouTube.

watch exampleas like Twenty A Web Series.


Youtube is the best platform to market a Digital Products, You have to just make an eye-catching and a good concept based video and publish on YouTube that will help you to get more selling.

If you are not a manufacturer then “Affiliate marketing” helps you to sell physical products & exchange for a commission. You just need a good video making skill only. There are too many companies offer handsome deals to affiliate marketers who advertise their products like Amazon and eBay & many more…

Simple Useful Tips:

1. Be creative
Quality content is ever the code to develop more and repeat viewers. With the use of the high-quality content, you can never more be a loss of creativity. “Don’t Try To Use Copy Wright Content”.

2. Use Proper Keywords & Title
Your Title & Keywords using a key role to make your search ranking up, it is very useful and punctual “content” that will help you to make money online quick – Please try to write a short note in the description that also helps you.

3. Share on Social Media
After Publishing your video on Youtube you just have to share that link to your social media that will also help you to get more views.

Useful Tools To Earn Fast On Youtube 😉:

1. Google Keyword Planner
2. Google Analytics
3. Evernote
4. Text To Speech App
5. Picture Editing Tool
6. Tube Buddy
7. Social Media Campaign

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